“I do know the evil you do, because I was once
​part ​of it. I am a very dangerous Man.”
​James Delaney, Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is coming back to our screens sooner – and less-clothed – than you thought, in the upcoming period TV drama, Taboo. The new series sees Hardy venture into dreary 19th century London to claim his inheritance after living in the wilds of Africa for ten years. The 8-episode BBC/FX collaborative mini-series – air date tbc – will have Steven Knight (the series creator of Peaky Blinders), and the ever impressive Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator) as the show’s executive producer, at the helm. The series is based on an original story by Tom Hardy and his father Chips Hardy (who is also a consulting producer).

James Keziah Delaney returns to 1814 London after 10 years in Africa to discover that he has been left a mysterious legacy by his father. Driven to wage war on those who have wronged him, Delaney finds himself in a face-off against the East India Company, whilst playing a dangerous game between two warring nations, Britain and America.

IMDB, Taboo 2016, TV Drama Mini-Series

The recently released trailer for the upcoming series (video below) gives us a sneak peek at Hardy’s character, who appears to be an interesting mix between Lord Greystoke (jungle-less Tarzan) and Heathcliff. With his familiar raspy growl, unkempt appearance and hulking stature, Hardy definitely looks the part of the beastly James Delaney. And with Hardy being snapped in the buff recently ([NSFW] http://ow.ly/ri5D30img3y) it’s clear to say that he has definitely been keeping in shape for the role!

It’s certain that this series has all the right ingredients for a success – Tom Hardy + Tom Hardy’s hot bod + Ridley Scott – but the big question is, will it live up to the hype? With some of the BBC’s biggest TV series (Sherlock 2016 Special, Doctor Who, etc.) failing to impress, it will be interesting to see how this new mini-series shapes up. One thing that I can say for certain, is that it will undoubtedly have high viewership numbers from Hardy fans all around the world – and maybe not for all the right reasons!