A lover of both good and bad TV and films, 26 year old qualified couch potato Miranda, is known to her friends as the ‘entertainment guru’ – or they would if she had any! She has always been that person who has seen everything and knows everything going on in the entertainment world. If there’s a film or TV programme you want to know about, she’s your go-to font of information.

Whether it’s popular, or part of your late night weekend guilty pleasure viewing – she’s probably seen it and got a scarily impressive amount of spoilers and BTS knowledge. If you want to know how likely your favourite show is to being cancelled, or what spoilers are out for upcoming episodes and films, you can rest assured Miranda’s known about it for weeks. She can tell you what shows are good, what shows are bad, what shows you should have started watching 2 years ago.

A lover of the good and defender of bad, this blog is a culmination of Miranda’s love of tv, film and veg’ing out on the sofa!

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